Sunday, February 12, 2012

#101 Brown Loose Top

Price: RM35
Size: UK4-8
Measurements: Length: 47cm
Status: SOLD OUT

Brown Loose Top

#100 Leopard Print Top

Price: RM37  RM19
Size: UK4-8
Measurements: Length: 52cm, Bust: 88cm
Status: Brown:  SOLD OUT  | White SOLD OUT  | BlueAvailable

Leopard Print Top

#99 Mesh Long-Sleeved Top

Price: RM37  RM19
Size: UK4-6
Measurements: Length: 59cm, Bust: 68cm-100cm, Shoulder: 36cm (stretchable)
Status: White: SOLD OUT | BlackSOLD OUT

Mesh Long-Sleeved Top

Saturday, January 7, 2012

#102 Basic Plain Tee

Price: RM36 RM18
Size: UK4-10
Measurements: Length: 59cm, Bust: 104cm,Shoulder: 45cm
Status: Yellow:  SOLD OUT  | RedSOLD OUT | Light BlueAvailable

Basic Plain Tee

#98 Franklin and Marshall Top

Price: RM37
Size: UK4-10
Measurements: Length: 57cm
Status: White: SOLD OUT | Black: SOLD OUT  | GreySOLD OUT

Franklin and Marshall Top

Friday, December 30, 2011

#97 Topshop Sequin Top

Price: RM32
Size: UK4-8
Measurements: Shouldert: 39cm, Length: 47cm, Bust: 94cm
Status: Turquoise:  SOLD OUT    | BlackSOLD OUT

Topshop Sequin Top

Plain Sleeveless Dress

Thursday, December 29, 2011

#102 Knitted Oversized
Price: RM39
Size: UK4-12
Measurements: Length: 54cm
Status: SOLD OUT

Knitted Oversized

#101 Long Boyfriend Shirt
Price: RM39 RM20
Size: UK4-12
Measurements: Length: 78cm, Bust: 56cm, Shoulder: 43cm
Status: White:  SOLD OUT  | Black SOLD OUT  | GreySOLD OUT
*Super comfy*

Long Boyfriend Shirt