Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flare Dress

#87 Flare Dress
Price: RM49
Size: UK6-8
Measurements: Length: 87cm, Bust(Stretchable): 68-108cm, Waist: 68cm
Status: Black:  SOLD OUT  | Coral SOLD OUT  | Red:  SOLD OUT | Turquoise: SOLD OUT

These are so comfortable and very stretchable! :) So simple, yet so beautiful. Sometimes, simplicity is best!We love these. <3
Perfect of Christmas and Chinese New Year! You will stand out in the crowd! :D
Casual and always a safe colour. :)
Looks blue here but is actually a beautiful shade of turquoise. Don't worry, it's beautiful. :)
Gives off a very sweet look. :)